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Thursday, 22 May 2014

INSIDE LAGOS? Bird turns to old woman in Ajegunle Lagos

LAGOS — Residents of Ajegunle area of Lagos were, yesterday, thrown into shock, after a bird was said to have transformed into an old woman who confessed to being a witch.
The dark-complexioned nonagenarian with tribal marks, who spoke in Yoruba, told a bewildered crowd (See pictures after the cut!)

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

24-year old lady die mysteriously not long after a bird reportedly perched on her head

Palpable grief and anxiety has gripped Uhuala, Umuada community in Avutu, Obowo local government area of Imo State, as 24-year old Miss Chioma Onukwuwe mysteriously died not long after a bird reportedly perched on her head.

Monday, 17 March 2014

Couple kicked out of McDonald’s for sitting ‘too long’ offered free meals for life

87-year-old Carl and 81-year-old Barbara Becker of Rixeyville, Virginia made headlines when news of their letter to the editor, detailing an episode at the Culpeper McDonald’s, spread and eventually got them free meals for life. The couple says that fast food employees kicked them out of the restaurant because they were sitting “too long.”
The pair were enjoying their regular routine of a mid-afternoon McDonald’s snack they call “scrunch” (between supper and lunch), when they were stopped by an employee cleaning up. Ms. Becker told WTTG Fox 5, “The dust started kicking up and it was just flying everywhere and she says, ‘Does this bother you?’ And I said, ‘Only if you like to eat dirt does it not bother me.’” After the incident with the Mickey D’s employee, the manager approached. “He says, ‘You two have to leave. Your half hour’s up and we have to clean this floor,now,’” recalled the great-grandmother of 16. Carl told WJLA ABC 7, ”I never had an experience like that in my life.” WTTG reported that they found no signs at the McDonald’s indicating a 30-minute time limit.
The couple left the restaurant and kept their attitude of going with the flow and laughing things off, but not before Barbara let the manager know he needed some additional training. When they returned home, Carl drafted his letter to the editor and sent it off to the Culpeper Star Exponent.
Once the letter was printed, the story quickly spread across social media. One of the people who saw the Beckers’ story was Shawn Moss, owner of Shawn’s Smokehouse BBQ in Culpeper. Moss says he believes strongly in customer service and wanted to do something for the couple. He decided to offer the octogenarians free “scrunch” one day a week, for life. Remembering that Carl was a World War II veteran, Moss said, “We’re also going to do a ‘Scrunch Day’ on Wednesday, and offer free coffee to all seniors and veterans.”
As an apology, McDonald’s corporate offered the couple two free small coffees, but Ms. Becker sent the coupons back. The Culpeper McDonald’s franchise owner, Bob Drumheller, issued a statement which read, “I care deeply about the comfort and satisfaction of my customers. My organization takes these matters seriously, and is investigating the customer’s claims. I have also reached out to the customer to extend my apologies for this misunderstanding. Our focus will continue to be on serving our customers and providing them a welcoming experience.”
The Beckers received a call from Drumheller and Barbara explained, “They said they intend to continue the training and he says he wants me to be a part of his training so that I can help him do it right. I said, ‘I’m doing it right now.’ This is the training.” The couple say they will still eat at McDonald’s, just not the Culpeper location.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Strange! 12 Years Old Commits Suicide

Yenagoa — A 12-year-old girl, Monday, allegedly committed suicide in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State, the police told the News Agency of Nigeria, yesterday. Mr Alex Akhigbe, Bayelsa Police Public Relations Officer, told NAN that the girl allegedly hannged herself early on Monday. He said: “Yes, police have confirmed the death of the young girl, who killed herself behind her father’s house early in the morning, yesterday (Monday). “The police have also evacuated the corpse from the scene and deposited it in the mortuary. The corpse is still awaiting autopsy. “It was a very strange act and a surprise to see a young girl of that age take her life; it is a real mystery.” He, however, said that investigations were ongoing in the matter to establish the motive behind the girl’s alleged action. “Her parents have not talked to the police. We are still investigating to get to the root of the matter,” he said. “Parents should always keep a watch over their children. They should know the character and kind of friends their kids keep.” “This is not good to our society. What could cause a young person of that age to hang herself to death?; we should improve on moral teaching of our children,” Akhigbe said. The World Health Organisation, WHO, and International Association for Prevention of Suicide set aside Sept. 10 to raise global attention on the prevention of suicide. WHO estimates that the number of people who die by suicide is expected to reach 1.5 million per year by 2020. A WHO, estimate in 2011 showed that one million people die per year by suicide representing “a death every 40 seconds or about 3,000 every day.”

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Funny,Job Seeker asked to dance as part of Interview Process In an Electronic Store

A Welsh man said he felt humiliated when bosses at a Cardiff electronics store had him dance to a Daft Punk song as part of a job interview. Alan Bacon, 21, a recent university graduate, said he was interviewing for a job at a Currys store when he was asked to dance as part of the process, the BBC reported Friday. "I ended up dancing to 'Around the World' by Daft Punk, doing rubbish robotics in my suit in front of a group of strangers," Bacon said. He said he was not the only interviewee asked to perform. "Another middle-aged guy looked really upset as he danced to a rap song," he said. A Currys spokesman apologized and said the interviewees were being asked back for new interviews. "Regrettably, the store in question did not follow our official recruitment processes on this specific occasion," the spokesman said. "We are currently investigating those members of the store who held the recruitment session. We are very sorry to those interviewees impacted on this occasion and would like to invite them back to attend an official interview where they will be given a proper opportunity to demonstrate how they can contribute to our business." Bacon said he decided not to repeat his interview.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013



A father has told how he's turned his handicapped son into a real life caveman - chaining him nak*d to a rock face in central China.

Astonishing pictures of tragic Cheng Xiangtao, 26 - born blind and mentally disabled - chained by his ankle to his cave in remote Chengling village, Henan province, have outraged the country.

Dad Cheng Yuanchao, 70, abandoned his son after losing his home and going to live with his daughters.
'I have no home of my own now and nowhere to house my son. This is the best I can do. I visit him three times a day with food and water so he is never hungry of thirsty.

'The chain is there only so he doesn't run off and hurt himself,' he claimed.
'I'm not a wealthy man and we've never been able to afford doctors who might have been able to help him.
'There just isn't anywhere else for him to go. I don't like to see him like this but I have no choice.

'He won't wear clothes and if I don't put the chain on he runs around hurting himself,' he added.
But the pictures have shocked Chinese commentators after they appeared on social media.

'It is appalling. Is this the best his father and his village can do? He'd be better treated if he was a pig or a cow,' said one.

Friday, 30 August 2013

'The best holiday ever': Ticket scam fraudster describes prison as taxpayer-funded vacation on Twitter

A serial fraudster has sparked fury after he bragged that his recent prison term was 'the best holiday ever'.
Amrik Gill, 26, also thanked taxpayers for funding his months in jail on Twitter after his release from custody and said his time there was 'not long enough'.
Gill, from Chorlton, Greater Manchester, was locked up in January after taking cash for football and concert tickets he did not have. 
It was the latest in a string of convictions for ticket touting, totalling thousands of pounds. He admitted the offence and was jailed for 18 months. 
After his release, half-way through the overall sentence, the convict aired his thoughts online.
He tweeted: 'Just had the best holiday ever. Would like to thank the taxpayer for making it possible.'
He added: '140 characters is like 18 months....Not long enough.'
When contacted he said he was 'being sarcastic'.
The average cost of each UK prisoner per year is £34,700, according to the latest figures from the Ministry of Justice. The specific cost of Gill's jail term was not available.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013


Two Kenyan men have agreed to share a woman in a written contract in which they vowed never to fight over her again.

The men were said to be fighting over a woman, who is a widow and a mother of twins, each insisting he could not live without the woman.

Both men from Kisauni in the coastal Mombasa signed the deal before Community policing officer Adhalah Abdulrahmanon on Sunday after realising they had both been having an affair with the woman for more than four years.

According to reports, the agreement states that if she gives birth they will both raise the child as their own and both men agreed as they have been taking care of the woman’s children together and paying her rent equally before now.

When asked to make a choice, the woman also declined, saying she could not live without either of the men. This made the men agree to take turns to live with her.

Lawyers said the two men would have to prove that it has been part of their custom to practise polyandry, otherwise the union would not stand.


two men went unclad in Lagos to avoid arrest
These two men reportedly got unclad and staged a nak*d protest after resisting arrest and refusing to allow their cars to be towed off by traffic officials.
What a far way from conventional means in fighting perceived injustice, Recently A commercial bus driver and his conductor stripped nak*d at the Allen Avenue/Obafemi Awolowo Way roundabout in Ikeja,Lagos to prevent some policemen (seen in the pic) from towing their vehicle and arresting them for alleged traffic violation.

Their stunt caused heavy traffic around the area and it was reported that their stunt actually work out in their favour actually as the policemen left the scene quickly.
Currently, there is no precise information on how this issue has finally been settled but, undoubtedly, the duo showed a mighty unconventional way to protest a perceived injustice.


Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Man,57 who misses every appointment he makes is diagnosed with a medical condition - 'CHRONIC LATENESS'

A man who has been late for everything in his life - from funerals to first dates - has had his chronic tardiness diagnosed as a medical condition. Jim Dunbar has been late for work, holidays, meals with friends, left women waiting on first dates and even had to sneak into funerals longafter they’ve begun. The 57-year-old said that his poor timekeepingis down to medical condition which he was diagnosed with at an appointment at Ninewells Hospital in Dundee - which he was 20 minutes late for. Mr Dunbar, of Forfar in Angus, still struggles toarrive on time despite his diagnosis of chronic lateness. It is thought that the condition is caused by the same part of the brain affected by those who suffer from Attention-Deficit HyperactivityDisorder (ADHD), and means Mr Dunbar cannot properly gauge how long things take tocomplete. Mr Dunbar said: 'The reason I want it out in the open is that there has got to be other folk out there with it and they don’t realise that it’snot their fault. 'I blamed it on myself and thought "Why can’t I be on time? I lost a lot of jobs. I can understand people’s reaction and why they don’t believe me. The 57-year-old has said that his poor timekeeping is down to medical condition which he was diagnosed with at an appointment at Ninewells Hospital in Dundee -which he was 20 minutes late for 'It’s depressing sometimes. I can’t overstate how much it helped to say it was a condition.' WHAT IS CHRONIC LATENESS SYNDROME? It is thought that the condition originates in the same part of the brain that is affected by those who suffer with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). In fact, many ADHD sufferers complain they struggle to keep time. Some psychologists believe that chronic lateness could be a symptom of an underlyingmood disorder such as depression. A recent study of more than 200 people at San Francisco State University showed that 17 per cent were chronically late. Those unable to be punctual displayed similarpatterns in behaviour including anxiety issues, and trouble with self-control. Researchers said the problem -- whether it affects a person personally or professionally -- is not irreversible, however. Psychologists recommend those affected to work to make deadlines non-negotiable, monitor how long it takes to perform certain tasks and always plan to be early. Mr Dunbar recently tried to go to the cinema and knowing it could be a problem getting to Dundee’s DCA cinema for a 7pm showing, he gave himself an 11-hour head start. But he still managed to arrive 20 minutes late. Mr Dunbar said: 'I got up at 8:15am to go to a David Bowie film at the DCA that started at seven o’clock. 'That gave me 11 hours to get ready. I knew I was going there - and I was 20 minutes late. 'I get down about it and it’s disturbing for other folk when you arrive late.' The former Dundee City Council worker has a special clock in his living room which uses radio frequencies tuned to a national transmitter to make sure that the time it displays is always exactly right, down to the second but it doesn’t help. He has tried wearing a watch, setting his clocks fast but still hasn’t found a solution. Mr Dunbar has tackled this problem his entire life and can remember being late for school as a five-year-old and until his diagnosis last year, blamed himself. He said: 'My family don’t believe it and think I’m making excuses. 'I’ve been late for funerals and slipped in and hid at the back of the hall. I arranged to pick my friend up at midday to go on holiday and was four hours late. 'He was furious because we had booked a ferryand everything. A friend invited me for a meal and I was more than three hours late. 'It has affected my entire life.'

Saturday, 17 August 2013

police find 40 pythons in Ontario motel room bins in Canada

Canadian animal welfare officers have rescued 40 distressed pythons from plastic storage bins in a motel room. The snakes, ranging from 30cm (one foot) to 137cm (four-and-a-half feet) long, belonged to guests, a manager at the motel in Brantford, Ontario, said. The couple, who had checked into a room for one night, were out when police seized the animals on Thursday evening. Pythons are not legal for home ownership in Brantford, according to the city's animal control by-laws. Local police in Brantford, a city about 100 km(60 miles) southwest of Toronto, said the reptiles were in distress but they were expected to recover, Reuters news agency reports. The snakes have been taken to an animal shelter, run by the Brant County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA). The SPCA said the animals would be examined by a veterinarian, the Toronto Star newspaper reports. Welfare officers will continue to investigate the case. Last week, two young boys in the eastern Canadian province of New Brunswick died after a 3.96-metre (13 foot), 45kg (100lb) African rock python apparently attacked them in their sleep. A post-mortem examination confirmed that the two boys died of asphyxiation.

Police arrest and Paraded fake Secondary School Cert. medical doctor who midwifed 200 babies

POLICE in Lagos State have arrested a fake medical practitioner who claimed to have helped in the delivery of over 200 babies. The owner of the hospital, a Ghana-based newspaper vendor, has also been arrested in connection with the unethical practices that took place at the hospital, which is situated at Unity Estate in Iba area of the state. The duo were arrested after policemen from Area E Command, led by the Area Commander, Damman Okoro, swooped on the hospital following intelligence reports. The Ghana-based vendor, Gabriel Onyema; and the fake medical doctor, Nwankwo Stephen, were on Friday paraded before newsmen by the image maker in charge of thestate police command, Ngozi Bride. Stephen was initially employed at Cares Hospital to understudy the doctor in charge but was allowed to take over, when the doctor left. Stephen, while speaking with newsmen, admitted to being a fake medical doctor but claimed to have earlier been an apprentice at an unnamed hospital in Ogun State. The fake medical doctor said, “Actually, I mustbe truthful to you, I am not a medical doctor, but I was employed as a medical doctor. What really happened was that I told them (management) the truth that I was a trained auxiliary nurse, but, when the real doctor that was employed left the hospital, I started actingas the real medical doctor. “My work speaks for me, because I have delivered (sic!) over 200 babies and only one died. 199 survived. Their mothers survived too. It was only a baby and a mother that died.” On how the said baby and the mother died, the Anambra-State born suspect said, “It was not my fault; it was the fault of the doctor that was in charge. Before I took over, I was not happy, when he was trying to deliver a pregnant woman of her baby and the delivery lasted for about six hours.” He said further, “She was bleeding profusely; blood littered everywhere and I pushed the doctor out of the labour room and inserted my hand into her womb and brought out the baby,so that the woman would not suffer. But all myefforts were fruitless as the woman and the baby died .That was the only woman who died in my years as the doctor in charge of the hospital.” “Another (incident) that happened when I was there, which I was not happy with, was when a woman was transfused with an unscreened blood. I protested. Even though I was not qualified to be a doctor, I tried my best to operate according to the ethics of the (medical) profession.” The owner of the hospital, Onyema, said that he sells newspapers in Ghana. “I opened the hospital but (it is) not registered. I have started the registration process. I employed a genuine doctor but he left. This man (Stephen) that is talking like parrot started acting. I am a qualified spinal cord doctor, though I did not study it in the university. The hospital was doing well, and this thrash that this man is talking, I was not there when it happened; I was in Ghana,” Onyema said. Braide said the Area Commander in charge of Area E “through a tip-off started investigating the hospital and finally discovered that it was not registered, and that the doctors there wereall fake.” She said the suspects would be arraigned in court soon.

Friday, 16 August 2013

Carpenter Arrested and charged to Court for Beating Up a Professor

A 43-year old carpenter has been arrested andcharged before a Lagos court for allegedly beating up a professor. Solomon Babalola, the carpenter, allegedly assaulted Professor Adeniyi Adegoriola, who is his co-tenant at their residence in Ikotun, Lagos State, southwest Nigeria. Adegoriola is a professor of Petroleum Engineering and the head of Geology Department at the Uuniversity of Jos, Plateau State, northcentral Nigeria. He visited his family in Lagos when the incident happened. He suffered the fate after he reportedly beat up the carpenter’s little child as a correctional measure at their house at 7, Ayobami Atemogbola Street, off Abaranje Road, Ikotun. Angered by the beating, the carpenter allegedly confronted the professor and assaulted him and broke his reading medicated glasses in the process. Babalola said since he packed into the house, the professor has been intimidating his family. He said he had detained his wife at a police station and it was after the intervention of their neighbours that he withdrew the matter. Babalola said the residents had been living in constant fear of the professor but he decided to confront him on the fateful day because he could not bear his excesses any longer. On the day the incident happened, the carpenter said he heard his child crying and when he came to find out why he was crying, he saw the professor still beating him. He reportedly head-booted the professor who was wearing medicated glasses and inflicted severe injuries on his face and his glasses were damaged. According to the professor, the man and his family constitute nuisance in the compound and he had repeatedly warned him to control his children and keep the environment clean, but to no avail. The professor said on the day the incident happened, the man assaulted him and he has been receiving treatment in a hospital following the injuries he sustained.. The assault was reported to the police at Ikotun Division and Babalola was arrested and charged to court on a two-count charge of assault occasioning harm under the Criminal Code. He pleaded not guilty and the presiding Magistrate, Mr P. E. Nwaka granted him bail in the sum of N20,000 with two sureties who must show evidence of payment of tax to the Lagos State Government. The matter was adjourned till 4 September, 2013. The defendant was remanded in prison custody pending when he will fulfill his bail conditions.

Monday, 22 July 2013


A commercial motorcyclist in Ilorin, on sunday was said to have been killed by his Wife!
Thirty-year-old pregnant woman, Fatimoh Issa, has been arrested by the Kwara State Police Command for allegedly killing her first husband, Issa Yunusa, 48.
Though the  marriage had been blessed with  three children, it was said that Fatimoh abandoned Yunusa after he had an accident and became financially incapacitated as he was no longer able to operate his commercial motorcycle business.
Fatimoh was said to have later met another man, Gani Ajibade, 25, a tricycle driver, with whom she started another relationship.
It was learnt that the new relationship had been blessed with a child, while Fatimoh was also said to be expecting another baby for Ajibade.
It was learnt that not long ago, Fatimoh was informed that her former husband, Yunusa had fully recovered and had bought another motorcycle. She decided to go back to him.
However, while leaving Ajibade’s house, sources said she took his mobile phone. The source added that Yunusa accepted Fatimoh back.
But Ajibade, who was not pleased with the turn of events, was said to have stormed Yunusa’s residence and demanded for his mobile phone.
The deceased was said to have promised Ajibade that he would get back the phone from the woman.
But the following morning, July 17, the neighbours were woken up about 5am by shouts from Fatimoh, who was seeking help from neighbours.
Some of the neighbours rushed into Yinusa’s house to know what the problem was. They found Yinusa in a pool of blood. Yinusa was said to have been hit by a heavy object on the head.
A top police officer, who pleaded anonymity because he was not authorised to speak on the matter, said, “Yunusa was attacked with a heavy stone and eventually killed by Fatimoh.”
Neighbours were said to have made spirited efforts to rush Yinusa to hospital for treatment. But taxi drivers were said to have refused to convey the victims because they feared that he might die on the way to hospital.
The police subsequently arrested and detained Fatimoh and Ajibade at the State Criminal Investigation Department after Yunusa was confirmed dead.
The Kwara State Police Public Relation Officer, Mr. Olufemi Fabode, on Sunday said the two suspects were transferred from A Division to the SCID.
He added that Fatimoh had confessed to having committed the crime. Fabode, who is a deputy superintendent of police, said the suspect blamed the devil for her actions.

He said, “She told us that it was work of the devil. We also asked her what she used to kill him. She said she used a big stone. But when we asked her who would take care of the children since she killed her husband, she kept mute.”


A woman who had se* with her cat threatened to stab her neighbour – because she thought he told others about her secret.
Kristina Michelle Brown, 23, tried to attack 72-year-old Elmer Morrison with a knife.
Asked by cops why, she replied: “I had se* with my cat and everyone knows.”
Mr Morrison told police an irate Brown stood at the fence between their houses, shouting at him to come outside.
She allegedly had a blade in her hand, asking: “Do you want to die?”
Brown, from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, told officers after her arrest that she was angry at Mr Morrison because she believed he spilled her secret to other neighbours.
Retired salesman Mr Morrison insisted he did not know anything about Brown’s antics with her pet.

Brown, who lives with family and a number of cats and dogs, has been charged with assault and battery with a deadly weapon.

Thursday, 18 July 2013


A Milwaukee man who suspected his 13-year-old neighbor of breaking into his home and stealing weapons was convicted Wednesday of fatally shooting the boy as the teen's mother looked on. Now, jurors will decide whether the 76-year-old defendant was mentally ill at the time.

A jury deliberated for about an hour before finding John Henry Spooner guilty of first-degree intentional homicide. Surveillance video from his own security cameras showed him confronting Darius Simmons in May 2012, pointing a gun at him from about 6 feet away and shooting him in the chest.

Spooner had entered two pleas to the homicide charge: not guilty and not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect. That set up the trial to be conducted in two phases: the first to determine whether he was guilty of the homicide, and if so, a second to determine whether he was mentally competent at the time.

With the first phase complete, the second began with testimony from a psychiatrist hired by the defense. Dr. Basil Jackson said his examination of Spooner revealed a man with anger issues who periodically dissociated from reality.

Spooner's daughter once brought home a kitten that he didn't want so he took it into the basement and killed it, Jackson said. Spooner also used to choke and beat his late wife, the doctor testified.

The violence shows Spooner occasionally loses the ability to control his anger – as during the moments that he shot Darius, Jackson said.

"There was an eruption, a loss of control. And at that moment he was not able – at that moment – to make a judgment," Jackson said. "It's like he was on autopilot."

Spooner's defense attorney, Franklyn Gimbel, never denied that his client shot Darius. Instead, he argued that Spooner did not mean for the gunshot to be fatal.

"This is not a case of whodunit," Gimbel said. "It's not a question of whether the behaviors of John Spooner caused the death of the young man – but what motivated it and what went on in his mind at the time is the crucial question."

Wednesday, 17 July 2013


Thousands of people trooped to a private maternity home in Kotaworo area of Bida, in Niger state on Sunday to catch a glimpse of a baby girl said to have been delivered with a Muslim prayer Rosary (Tasabih)  on her  neck.
The middle aged mother of the baby,  Adijat was said to have been rushed to a local midwife home near the residence of Pa Mohammed Bello Masaba, the  Polygamist at about 2 pm on Sunday and after minutes of labour, she was delivered of the baby.

According the owner of the local maternity home, Alhaji Abubakar Baiwa Shasha who took delivery of the baby, “I was shocked  when in the course of the delivery the baby came with a Chisbih on her neck. The baby was born with a black rosary at delivery point.”
“But I was surprised  when after a while the rosary turned to white to the amazement of the few people around.”
As soon as the news spread round the town, thousands trooped to the the maternity home shouting “Allahu Akibar; Allahu Akibar (God is Great) as they scrambled to see and touch the baby. ”
Efforts to get the father of the baby, Isah, a native of Loma in Kwara State were fruitless as he refused to talk to our Correspondent.
An Islamic scholar, Malam Idiris Ndajiwo said the delivery of the baby with the mysterious rosary “showed the greatness of Allah. The delivery of the baby today, in this town and this area (Kutaworo) is a big thing to us Muslims. This actually goes to show that Allah is in control of what happens to any one and in the whole world.”
Another well wisher and the Personal Assistant to popular Islamic scholar, Pa Mohammed Bello Masaba, the octogenarian super polygamist, Alhaji Muktari Salau Bello said, “we have never witnessed such kind of miracle before in this town, but we thanked Allah for what He has done. In fact what happened is a miracle and we are very happy about it”.
The baby was later taken to the Etsu Nupe’s palace where they were received and blessed by the royal father , Alhaji Yahaya Abubukar.

Confirming the delivery of the mysterious girl when contacted on phone, the Emirate Secretary Alhaji Abdulmalik Usman said, “it is true. The baby was brought to the Palace and she was received and blessed by His royal highness, the Etsu Nupe and they have since left for their home. “


Police in Austria's Burgenland province say they have charged a man with "disturbing the peace of the dead" after finding 56 skulls and other human skeletal remains in his home.
State broadcaster ORF said Tuesday that the bones were taken from graves of a church cemetery.

It reports that police became suspicious after the unidentified 47-year-old man tried to sell three of the skulls and two thigh bones at a flea market.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013


A Chicago woman accused of setting fire to a Riverside apartment after an argument with her husband over marijuana has been charged with arson, police said.

An investigation revealed that the former tenant of the unit had moved out two weeks prior and a married couple had moved in because the rent was paid to the end of April. The couple had been using the apartment to party and use heroin, according to the release.

Police learned that the couple went to the North Riverside Mall on Sunday and had stolen liquor. They returned to the apartment where they drank all day and later drove to Chicago to buy crack. They then returned to the apartment where they continued to drink and smoke, the release said.

The woman, later identified as Linda Lopez, 33, fell asleep and when she woke up, her marijuana was missing, the release said.

She confronted her husband and accused him of smoking her marijuana. The argument escalated to a fistfight and she threatened to stab her husband. Instead, she punctured a pink plastic bottle of perfume and poured it on a set of towels before igniting it with a lighter. Lopez told police she started the fire because she was angry her husband smoked the marijuana without her.

“The tenants inside the building are lucky to be alive,” said Riverside Police Chief Thomas Weitzel in the release. “The two elderly tenants that live in the basement, both in their late 80s and early 90s, one is blind and one deaf. There’s no possible way these individuals could have made it out of that apartment on their own if the building had become fully engulfed.” There was fire damage to the second-floor apartment door, wall and floor, including the hallway, the release said.

Lopez was charged with aggravated arson and she appeared in court where she was ordered held on $20,000 bail, the release said.



STRANGE- Michael Boatwright's driver's license revealed he was born in Florida, but after waking up from a hospital bed in Palm Springs, Calif., all he can speak is Swedish. has a new in-depth report on Boatwright, who was found unconscious in a motel room on February 28. He has no memory of his life and only responds to the name "Johan Ek."

Doctors have diagnosed Boatwright with Transient Global Amnesia, a disorder in which patients are unable to form new memories.

Medical personnel also believe Boatwright is in a dissociative fugue state, wherein a person forgets their past and can sometimes take on a new personality.

Boatwright, who appears to have lived in Sweden for much of his life, has an online portfolio that says he got a bachelors from Michigan State and Masters from Stockholm University.

It's unclear if Boatwright's symptoms will be temporary, but he might actually consider himself lucky.

Two months ago, the Telegraph reported on a man with "Walking Corpse Syndrome" who thought he was dead.

And, unlike Boatwright who likely spoke Swedish before he found himself in the California hospital, Englishman Alun Morgan woke up from a stroke last December to discover he could only speak Welsh, a language he never formally learned