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Friday, 23 August 2013

He used and dumped me,Court Orders student to pay Girl 80,000 Naira

The Upper Area Court II, Gombe, has ordered David, a 25-year-old, undergraduate to pay the sum of N80,000 to his fiancĂ©e, Binta Williams, as part of claims for the ‘damages’ which he inflicted on her within the two years in which they co-habited as lovers.

 Williams had accused David as having “camped and used” her for almost two years in his room, while promising to marry her. The accused, confessed that he impregnated Binta twice and aborted the pregnancies, while promising to marry her, but had pled with her that she would have to wait for him to graduate within three years.

Williams revealed to the court that the accused had harassed her and thrown her belongings away, telling her that the “relationship is over,” and that despite all her efforts to resolve issues, he did not want to see her again. Williams also said that she had reported him to the nearest police station for them to be reconciled.

  “He used and dumped me, after sleeping with me for quite long; he said he would marry me, but he didn’t. Now, I am claiming damages of humanity,” Wiliams told the court.

Binta prayed the court to make David pay her the sum of N500,000 for the damages, but the judge, Alhaji Salihu Baffa, advisedly ruled that the accused pay her the above mentioned amount.

Thursday, 11 July 2013


Sound odd? but happend in a real life scene, A middle aged man, Mr. Felix Lawson, has allegedly beheaded his six-year-old step-son, Effiong Lawson (fondly called Ifanyi) in Onna local Govt area of Akwa Ibom State

Sources said Lawson, 43, who works at a place in Ibeno, a riverine community, had returned home from work and was enjoying his evening meal when his step-son sneaked into the backyard and whispered to his younger sister to bring him food remnant as he was said to very be hungry, having not eaten for the past three days.

Unknown to him, his father who was at home heard his voice, grabbed a machete and made for the backyard in search of him.

Ifanyi and his brother took to their heels but he was not so lucky as his father who caught up with him before he could run far dealt him a blow on the head using the machete after which he fell and the father in a most barbaric manner used the machete to severe his head from the body.

When the deceased’s brother, Aniefiok Lawson was interrogated by the youth leaders of the area, he said, “Because we were hungry, Ifanyi asked me to escort him to the house so that we can beg our younger sister for food. We didn’t know that daddy was back from Ibeno.

“Ifanyi went close to the house and called Unyime to bring us leftover food. It was already dark so when daddy opened the door and jumped out we didn’t see him. We ran but my brother who was crying and saying “daddy forgive me” could not run fast so daddy hit his head with his big cutlass. He fell down and was crying as he continued to hit him with the cutlass.

“I did not hear his voice again. I ran and hid in the bush. So, late in the night when the place was quiet, I went and joined two of my friends in the uncompleted building in the primary school where we usually sleep at night. I asked them if they saw Ifanyi and they said they hadn’t and in the morning, we saw a lot of blood-spilled at the place he was caught by daddy the previous night.


Wednesday, 3 July 2013


AN Ikeja Magistrate’s Court was told, yesterday, how a woman, Mrs.  Adedoyin Ogunmefun, allegedly married two men at the same time.
She was also accused of having children for the two men she allegedly married.
Mrs Ogunmefun, who was arraigned alongside her second husband, before Magistrate B. O. Osunsanmi, over alleged forgery of National Population Commission certificate of birth AO8/NO/0268923 and AO8/NO/0268922 was said to have been married to one Mr.  Abraham Okoro, who she had two children for before leaving to have another child for the second husband.
The Police prosecutor, Mr. Benson Emurih, told the court that the defendants presented the forged certificates to Parthcare Laboratory in Oduduwa Crescent, GRA, Ikeja.
He said the offence was punishable under sections 409,363 (3) of the Criminal Laws of Lagos State of Nigeria 2011.
The complainant, Abraham Okoro, told Vanguard that he had lived with his estranged wife between 2000 and 2007, adding that the union produced two children namely Kymberly Abieyuwa Adenike Okoro  and Bryant Amadin Olamipo Okoro, who were born in Nigeria and US respectively.
He further accused the wife of deserting their marriage for  Ogunmefun, who she had a daughter for in 2009.
In addition, Okoro said the accused was told that for her to be accepted back into her matrimonial home, she would  perform some traditional rites of cleansing.
His words: “She agreed to demonstrate her love and loyalty and moved back to my house on February 14, 2012 and we started living together again until May 17,2012, when she went to an Ikeja High Court to file for nullification of her marriage with Mr Ogunmefun before Justice Oyewole.’’
Okoro, however, said his wife moved out of his house again on November 3, 2012, noting that she suddenly wrote him a letter through her lawyer, Taiwo and Taiwo, in December 2012 claiming that the two children she had for him were not his.
He said: “On March 26, 2013, I got a court summon, the petitioners were Adedoyin Ogunmefun and Babatunde Ogunmefun, claiming that my children were Babatunde’s children, with a fake DNA result purported to embarrass me and my children, the matter which has long been strucked out by a magistrate court sitting in Surulere,” he added.

Friday, 10 May 2013

Corrupt Cop Caught On Camera,updated

A policeman was caught red handed when his immoral dealings was caught on camera in East Rand, reports