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Friday, 30 August 2013


Beverly Osu, the co-Nigerian contestant of the recently concluded Big Brother Africa reality show, The Chase, has denied having se* with her mate, Angelo.
Speaking to journalists at the media presentation of the two Nigerian house mates yesterday at Protea Hotel, VI, Lagos, Osu also affirmed that her love relationship with Angelo was  real.
She added that she did not know what people watched during the show but that she played to the gallery and asked Nigerians to forgive her if she embarrassed them.
She said: “I am a blunt person and very real. People that knew me before BBA know that. I don’t pretend to be who I am. If it happens you fall in love, you can’t fake it. I did not have se* with Angelo. I was under at the bath tube, but we never really had se*. Maybe the camera made it look so.
Melvin, looking splendid in a brown Kaftan attire, thanked Nigerians for voting for him and said he would  always be a proud ambassador.
Osu, 21, was wearing a black camisole and had her leg bandaged, having sprained her ankle on the final day while being called up the stage.

She said that she would use the platform to develop her career in the entertainment industry and also continue her studies at the National Open University of Nigeria where she is studying mass communication.

Is she now regretting how her escapade in the House has damaged her reputation or is she deceiving Us or herself, maybe she is telling the TRUTH! naaahhh, am less interested*