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Friday, 25 April 2014

P-SQUARE Seperation: Peter gives condition for peace

Nearly one week after Jude Okoye, elder brother to singing duo Paul and Peter Okoye (P-Square) posted on twitter that he was ‘done’, the stand-off in the Okoye family is far from abating with insiders telling Vanguard that Peter had refused to be appeased despite interventions from close friends.

Peter reportedly gave condition for peace, saying his wife, Lola, must be accepted and respected by the family or risk total isolation from him.
Several sources contacted by Vanguard confirmed that this was his only condition for peace.

One insider said: “Peter is tired of the long years he has had to plead with his family to accept the woman he has decided to spend the rest of his life with.
“He wants Lola to be welcomed in the family just as Anita (Paul’s wife) has been accepted irrespective of her tribe or age. This is his condition.”

Although the twins had fought at their dance rehearsal earlier in the month, Vanguard learnt this was not what had ultimately prompted Peter to severe his relationship with P-Square.
The source said Peter “has taken their attitude towards Lola even more to heart than what role he plays in P-Square, be it singing or dancing.

“He can no longer endure the ill-affection concerning his wife.”
Sources further said that the crisis had escalated after it was learnt that Peter had allegedly bought a house for Lola in the United States of America, USA.

Paul dilemna
Vanguard learnt that Peter’s twin, Paul is currently confused as he does not know who to support. Vanguard gathered that the twins had returned to talking terms, but that Paul is yet to show full support for Peter’s cause.
The source said: “The twins adore their mother and before she passed on, she had made it clear she was not in support of Peter and Lola’s union.

“Maybe that is why it is difficult for Paul. He does not want to be seen as being completely against the wish of their mother.”
Vanguard leant that he is the one making the most effort to bring an end to the crisis by appealing to Peter and the rest of the family.

Jude Okoye
Their elder brother, Jude Engees Okoye, has also refused to be placated.
According to the source, “there have been accusations and counter-accusations between Jude and Lola, each alleging that the other is rude and disrespectful.

“Jude holds on to this as his reason for not accepting Lola. But this is not the only reason.”
Peacemakers, who are industry friends and close business associates have however intensified efforts in resolving the crisis.

Also their social media pages show that they still identify with their pop brand name.
At press time, on Peter’s twitter wall, the pop star still goes with the handle @PeterPSquare, CEO P-Classic; Konvict Muzik/Square Records/Universal Music Group.

Paul Okoye also goes by his famous handle, @rudeboypsquare.
Jude Okoye, despite his “it over! I’m done!” tweet, his handle still goes by @judeengess, President/CEO Square Records, Northside Music Inc and Northside Entertainment Ltd. PSquare’s Manager/Producer/Director.

Sources, however, warn that the brand is still in dangerous territory, saying “anything can still happen tomorrow.
“You could wake up to hear the group has officially disintegrated or reconciled. We can only watch, wait and pray.”(VANGUARD)

Monday, 17 March 2014

Nollywood Actress Biola Ige Finally Addresses Unclad Photo Of Her On The Internet ( PHOTOS)

Nollywood Actress biola Ige
Here is a press statement from her…

“I was going to remain silent on the photo being displayed on the internet however I realise that I need to set the record straight for my family, friends and fans who i love and respect.
The photo in question was taking from the set of a movie called “PREGNANT HAWKERS” in which i played a Hawker who was in a rom├íntic situation with a man (The actor in the photo). This movie was shot and aired two years ago. The photo circulating the internet right now is the photo from a scene in the movie and NOTHING more. IF you watched the movie you will see that there is nothing to this movie other than the fact that i was playing a role!
I am an actress, it is a profession that i love and will continue to enjoy. I am required to play all sorts of roles. In each role i step out of being Biola Ige and go straight into ‘character’.
Whoever who maliciously leaked this photo to make it appear to be something else has simply given me some great publicity! Thank you!
I have been through a lot of difficult things this year with the loss of my mom and a brief illness,  that a simple photo from a movie scene from 2 years ago is the least of my worries. I have no further comments regarding this act to hurt my character.
I look forward to acting more movies, and playing more roles to entertain you. Thank you all for reading.”

Lost value in Nollywood? X-Rated Photo Of Actors Muna Obiekwe And Biola Ige (18+)

has Nigerian movie industry begining to lost its good moral values?
Actor Muna Obiekwe is really enjoying the chest of an actress, Biola Ige. At this time, it is not known if the photo is a snapshot from a new movie, or a photo-shopped image. However, several indications prove that it is actually a movie. For instance, Muna Obiekwe has been previously chosen by producers to act in a number of adult videos.

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Chris Brown diagnosed with mental illness

Chris Brown has been diagnosed as bi-polar, suffering from post traumatic stress disorder and self-medicating inappropriately. This was revealed during his last court appearance... He appeared in court yesterday for a probation hearing and a letter from his rehab facility gave the singer high marks for improvement but suggested he remain in treatment. The letter, obtained by E! News,reads in part, "Mr. Brown will also require close supervision by his treating physician in order to ensure his bipolar mental health condition remains stable. It is not uncommon for patients with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Bipolar II to use substances to self-medicate their biomedical mood swings and trauma triggers." "Mr. Brown became aggressive and acted out physically due to his untreated mental health disorder, severe sleep deprivation, inappropriate self-medicating and untreated PTSD."Chris was ordered to remain in treatment for two more months. His next hearing his set for April 23.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

COOL Pictures of Davido in lounge, on board in a plane

Nigerian music star Davido knows how to enjoy the luxurious life as the shares the new photo of himself travelling from abroad.

Want the proof of Davido’s charmed life? Here it is: all those stylish cars, fancy jewellery and the luxurious trips abroad!
And one more… The admired celebrity shared this photo via Instagram, captioning it “London Town see u soon!!”
Check out the picture below:

Monday, 23 September 2013

2face initiates N6m Peace Awards for youths

Idibia told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Tuesday in Lagos that six winners would be selected for the awards.
According to him, the six categories are Women-led Peace Building, Youth Peace Building, and Peace building in the environment (for those having conflicts over resources).
Others award categories are Projects on urban violence and community peace building, the use of  technology or Social Media for peace building and Mediation directed at reducing violence against women and girls.
The pop star said that N1million would be presented to each winner, along with opportunities to attend key global peace summits and exchange programmes in 2014.
Idibia said that almost a quarter of the world lived in areas affected by military or civil conflicts.
He however noted that there were young people who were busy building bridges across communities.
"These young people are mostly unnoticed but you will find them working hard in various places, educating people and helping to manage conflicts and promoting peace.
"They have become community leaders in peace building, reconciliation and post -conflict reconstruction, thereby establishing themselves as the next generation of leaders.
"As we march towards Nigeria's centenary celebrations in 2014, more than anything else, we choose to celebrate these young unsung heroes, who are active in their communities, promoting peace.
"We want to celebrate them through the '2face Peace Awards'," Idibia told NAN.
The singer said he would mentor the winners, assist them in sourcing funds and  add his financial donation for them to continue with the peace projects in their communities.
Idibia said the judges would assess applicants, based on impact of their projects, innovative-ness and sustainability overtime.
According to him, the winners will be announced during the UN Peace Day event, scheduled for September 21.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Late Goldie’s husband finds love again

andrew with beth
Andrew with new love,Beth
Late Goddie Harvey

Seven months after the death of late singer Goldie Harvey on February 14, 2013, her husband Andrew Harvey has found love again.
Mr Andrew was photographed kissing a Malaysian woman named Beth Buenaventura, whom he’s said to have been dating now for an undisclosed period of time.
The photograph was taken at his birthday party which held a few weeks back at Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur. Mr Harvey had initially worked in Nigeria before being transferred to Malaysia.
In the days following the shocking announcement of Goldie’s death in February, Mr Andrew had appeared on the scene with eye-popping wedding photographs of Goldie and himself silencing skeptics forever and had been at the fore of burial plans for the late ‘You know it crooner’  crooner.
Andrew and his new found love Beth are said to be engaged.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Sudden Weight Loss Ngozi Ezeonu ,Nollywood Actress react to Rumours

Former plus sized Nollywood actress Ngozi Ezeonu has reacted to rumours making the round that her weight loss is health related; insisting she only worked on her body. For days now, the actress has been posting pictures of herself on Facebook clearly showing that she had lost an incredible amount of weight. Her fans (turned doctors) have diagnosed all manner of illness to this regard.
Ngozi in a swift reaction has refuted the claims. “I will really appreciate it if some people will stop insinuating that I’m sick just because I worked on my weight. Please o I’m not sick. Wish us well instead of sickness or death. Thank u’, she wrote on her Facebook page.
Fans may have reacted this way following a similar incident recorded with another plus-sized Nollywood actress Ngozi Nwosu who had stepped out late last year for weeks looking all slim and trim provoking similar rumours of illness which she had bluntly denied before eventually admitting.
Ngozi Nwosu was suffering from heart and kidney related ailments and had eventually cried to the public for help.
Ngozi Ezeonu, however, insists this is not her case.

Friday, 30 August 2013

WIZKID Now the Most Popular Nigerian Celebrity on Twitter, beating the Likes of D'Banj,2Face

WizkId, Ayo Balogun has got every reason to beat his chest again, even going as far as calling everyone “broke”this time around with a bit of a smirk on his face as another feat has been added to his mounting heap of honoursand accomplishments. Though the 24-year-old met a lot of big guns on the scene but it appears he is out-muscling them on the popularity contest by a long stretch. The twitter followers check reveals the ‘Pakurumo’ crooner has followers totalling over 720,000 while next in lineto him, D’Banj, Tuface Idibia and close rival Davido are a long shot away, with the closest person with followers less than 400,000 people. For sometime now, leading social media, twitter has been the litmus test to measure popularity, especially among entertainers the world over. Lady Gaga got so big she felt she shouldhave a social media of her own, hence ‘Little Monsters’ was born.

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Doctors Warned me to avoid Se*,Vast of Music duo Bracket narrates Ordeal

Vast and Smash became popular with their hit banger, Yori Yori. As such, it was a big blow to his fans when the story that he was diagnosed with cancer hit the newsstand. Some pictures of him looking very ill went viral and the singer said the development saddened him. "When the picture leaked, we were not happy initially. I was very skinny but when I saw the response from the fans, I was shocked. I did not know people liked me thatmuch. Trust me; there was a female fan that said that if I died, she was going to die. I nearly cried and said God, if you save me, I would make these people one of the happiest people on earth. That was why I went to the studio and began singing like I never did before. I took myself back to the days when we sang 'Yori Yori'," he said. Recounting how it began, the dark-skinned singer said he thought it was fever. It was when they went to London for an extensive test that they knew what was wrong with him. The young man narrated his ordeal. He said, "It all started when we went on an American tour and I started feeling feverish. I found myself taking my bath with hot water even on a very hot day. That was when I started noticing something was wrong. I noticed that whenever I drank alcohol, the fever would come in an aggressive way. I eventually went to a hospital in London. The doctor told me not to worry that everything would be fine. He said to start the treatment, they would have to do something that would allow them take something from my spine. It was a very painful procedure." He told Saturday Beats that there were times when he felt like he was dying. "There was a time that I felt I would die. My only fear was that I was not close to God. I was afraid that if I died, I would not make it to heaven. We musicians have a particular lifestyle. You may plan to be upright, but when you go into entertainment business, it would change you. I was regretting that I was not close to God. I did not want to go to hell. I felt so happy that I survived," he said. Assured that he is healed, he said that at theend of the treatment, he did a blood test and they said he was okay. The singer told Saturday Beats that the treatment cost him about £58,000. He was supported by some close friends like P-Square, KCee, Flavour and a London-based friend, Ugonna, who offered them both accommodation and about £30,000. "After the treatment, I did two other tests and the doctors confirmed that I was okay. After three months, I am meant to go for a PET scan. I could remember that before the treatment, we had a meeting and agreed that we had to bring £50,000. After the seventh chemotherapy session, the whole money finished. They had to send more £8,000 into the account I was using. The lasttime I went to withdraw money, what was left there was £120. So I used about £58,000," the singer said. He told Saturday Beats that the doctors warned him to stay away from unprotected sex for about three months. They said if he impregnates a girl, the baby may not form normally as he still has residues of the chemotherapy in his system.

Ice Prince Battles Show Promoter

Ice Prince is in the news again but now, not for a good reason. Just after the news of his BET award which he received in an 'empty hall' made waves recently, the artiste has been accused of notperforming in a show which he was allegedlypaid for in Paris. The singer, as Saturday Beats gathered, wasallegedly billed to put up a 10pm appearance at the Salons and Wilson Club inParis last Saturday. However, he didn't showup till it was 6am the next day. Obviously irked by the act's behaviour, fans took totwitterand blasted the singer the social media. However, the singer, in histwitterhandle, apologised to his fans and blamed his act onthe show promoter. He said, "Apologies to the fans that came out last night. A better promoter will put up a better show soon." And of course, someone who claimed to be close to the show promoter, Onyeka Nwelue,didn't take this lightly. He too went ontwitterand blasted the singer, calling him unprintable names. In any case, when Saturday Beats reached out to Chocolate City, Ice Prince's label, to ascertain what really went wrong in Paris, a member of staff of the label, Ibukun Abidoye, said Chocolate City wasn't ready tocomment on the rift. "I am sure you will hear from us very soon. We are going to issue a press release concerning the issue," she said.

My friend and I once beat up a guy for messing up - Actress Anita Joseph

Actress, Anita Joseph, tells'Nonye Ben-Nwankwo about her career and why she is seen as a controversial actress. Did you eventually see your FJ Cruiser that armed robbers stole? No. I didn't even insure the car. It was just two weeks old. I feel sad anytime I remember it. I thank God I am alive. I was with my two nephews when they accosted us. They took us to Ogun State. Anyway, I still thank God. You seem to have moved up in your career I thank God. The industry has really been favourable to me in recent times. I have been getting roles. Was it a movie that made you scrape your hair recently? Yes. But I just did another job that required me to look like a lady. Now I wear weaves. My hairstyle actually depends on the job I am doing at a particular time. What is happening to your music career? Is it still alive? Oh yes, it is. It is just that movie took over. Movie is a very jealous profession. It will be difficult for you to do movie and music at the same time. Movie has taken the better part of me. But I still cannot stop music. My album is not out. You were already an actress before you wentinto music? Yes. If you regard acting as a jealous profession, how come you went into music? There was a time the movie industry wasn't booming and the jobs were not coming as they should. Kenneth Okonkwo and KOK are my godfathers in the movie industry. I met KOK who told me to explore any other talentI had because the industry wasn't doing well. My friends advised me to sing since I had the talent. You featured Flavour in one of your tracks. How did you get him to be a part of it? Flavour is like an elder brother to me. Wherehe records his songs is the same place I record mine. It wasn't difficult getting him on board. We heard Charles Inojie beat you up recently. It is a movie, Ukpaka the Troublemaker. It didn't happen in real life. The likes of Funke Akindele, Nkem Owoh and Amechi Muonagor are in the movie. We also heard how you and your girlfriend beat up one guy recently, was it also a movie? No. The guy was messing up, so we beat himup. Something happened, although it is not something I really want to talk about. The guy messed up and we beat him up. But ladies don't just beat up somebody... Well this is different. He messed up and he got beaten up for it. He is not an actor. He said some things about us that we couldn't take, so he got beaten up for it. Why do people say you are controversial? I don't know. It might be because I used to wear skimpy clothes. I really don't know whyI am seen as a controversial actress. Apart from the skimpy clothes, you have been linked with so many scandals. A picture of you smoking weed also went viral... That was a location picture. I don't even smoke cigarette let alone weed. Weed is not long when you fold it. I don't even drink. All the stuff you watch are just acting. How come you stopped wearing skimpy clothes? I noticed that wearing covered clothes fit me more. Could it be that your skimpy dressing made Afrocandy say she would want to feature you in her porn movie? It should be. I have never said anything on that issue. You mean you never replied her? No way. Sometimes, when you hear something, it will just be good for you to shut up. But really, would you want to feature in her movie? No! I can't! How can I do pornography? I can wear short things but I can never do pornography. But I didn't say anything to her. I learnt she would call me but she didn't call me. I have never met her. I don't even know her. She is not my friend. How did you feel when you saw her post saying she wished you would feature in the movie? I was so embarrassed. I was ashamed of myself. Why me? But I didn't want to react immediately. I read what other actresses shementioned said. They blasted her. People were waiting for my comments. But I didn't want to talk. I just kept quiet. It is not good to react when things are very hot. My industry is one that you get spoilt if you want to and you remain a good girl if you desire that as well. You have to be strong-willed to be a good girl. It is alright though. Some people can do porn but certainly not me. Why? We are Nigerians and there are things our culture cannot tolerate. I don't even know where she came from. I have not seen her. That was my first time of hearing her name. Ihad to go and check her out on her Facebook and I was really embarrassed. You say you are not a bad person, but you have been linked with so many things... It is true. Before, I used to sit back and ask myself why people always pick on me. I think it comes with the job. Anything I do causes 'trouble'. They say that I dated this person and that person. But ever since, I have been dating one man. Doesn't he feel bad when he hears stuff about you? He is a strong man. Anybody who loves you will stand by you. Is he going to marry you? Yes. When? Soon. But I am not thinking about marriage. Are you now friends with Ebube Nwagbo? We have never been friends. It was just the media that made us enemies. We have never worked together and we have never been friends. But we were not enemies. But she is not a bad person. If they put us together on same set, I would gladly work with her. We learnt you begged her to forgive you? That wasn't what happened. On her birthday, I used her picture as DP of my phone and I wished her a happy birthday. Next thing, I started reading that Anita was begging Ebube. She is not on my BlackberryMessenger list. But people just told her I used her picture as my DP. If she is not your friend, how come you used her picture on your DP? I liked the picture and it was her birthday. I wanted to show her that I wanted peace. I knew the message would get to her and it actually got to her. Did she react? I don't know, I don't think so. I didn't bother to find out The major problem back then was Kcee of KcPresh. Are you still his friend? You are going to what happened many yearsago. I don't want to get into any of this. However, I am not his enemy. I am not at war with anybody. Please let us move away from this. What do you hope to do in the nearest future? I am going to release my album, get marriedand settle down. So you really wish to get married? Oh yes but not this year. Who? The footballer? Yes. We broke up and we came back again. Iam not going to tell you his name. All you need to know is that he is based in Holland. He is from Anambra State.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

NAIJA :Angry Fans Stone Wizkid Over Starboi’s Refusal To Honour Cheering Crowd At VFS, Lekki.

Being a celebrity comes with much responsibilities than one can envisage, many which include parting away some naira or dollar notes as the situation may demand whenever a respected celeb gets stocked in the midst of his loving fans.
Ayodeji Balogun a.k.a Wizkid was today stoned by angry fans at the VFS Global Services, Lekki phase 1 over the Azonto Crooner’s arrogant attitude and his refusal to part away with some naira notes despite the much accolades he got from the cheering crowd who were so elated to catch a glimpse of their Superstar.
Wizkid who was dressed in a White T-shirt and a Red Sofa Shoe without any cap or sunglasses came in a black coloured Porshce Cayenne with covered number plates, the starboi who must have been sneaked into the VFS Compund came out into the waiting hands of a large number of cheering fans who wanted to shake and snap pictures with Wizkid. Obviously they wanted some naira notes as well #TypicalNaijaWay
Wizkid who must have had his mind made up came outside the VFS Compound where he had gone to submit travelling documents for Canada and shunned the cheering crowd. All efforts to get Wizkid to snap pictures, shake or even show “some love” financially to the cheering crowd fell on deaf ears as Starboi completely ignored everyone as he walked arrogantly into the waiting Porsche Cayenne.
Wizkid’s silence and arrogant attitude got the cheering fans pissed hence why they resulted into stoning the BET Award winner as he made to drive out. Unfortunately for Wizkid, one of the many stones caught his car side glass but the Pakurumo crooner never waited a second ***Escape Thingz***
The angry fans who complained bitterly placed a comparison between Wizkid and Durosoke Crooner, Olamide. They argued that Olamide would never ignore his fans as he constantly relates with the street hence why he’s never been mobbed or attacked.
We hope the damage done to Wizkid’s car won’t cost the Superstar some hundred of thousands though, but come to think of it, 20k could have saved Wizkid the embarrassment and damage

Help! People always think I’m mad -Terry G

Gabriel Amanyi is the weird singer that answers the stage name Terry G. The singer, who has a lot of street followers judging from his type of music, recently spoke with TUNDE AYANDA and BOLATITO ADEBOLA on his life, music, among others
WHAT’S in your new album?
The title of the album is Book of Ginger. It has to do with the showing of my other side, musically and personally. It talks more about my person.
How many tracks does the album have?
I have recorded 22 tracks in the album, which has pages and chapters, including contents that make it a book.
Why so many tracks in a single album?
I have always been having this problem; it usually comes when I’m compiling the tracks to make an album. I don’t do songs because I want to release an album; I record almost everyday, and when it’s time for me to release an album, I always have problem in selection and I won’t know the one to drop or pick. People around me also add to the problem because they want their favourite songs to come out in the album. It’s not as if I’m purposefully doing many tracks; it comes with demand and choice.
Why did you launch your album with the Book of Ginger Concert in Abuja?
There was no particular reason, and thank God the concert was really a successful event and I must mention the support of my adopted Area Father, Charly Boy, who joined with the street awareness for the event. The reception and the crowd were awesome, because we did a huge publicity for the event and we had all the media houses in support. It was very memorable.
Is there going to be a Lagos version of the concert?
Book of Ginger Concert is coming to Lagos. I actually wanted to do it in Lagos but I didn’t have the opportunity. I tried to seek the permission of the brand in charge of the particular location to use for the event, but I couldn’t get the opportunity to use the venue of my choice because of the price. It was outrageous. I knew it was deliberate because I have this look that scares people. I’m also a threat to a lot of people in the music industry because of the brand and because of the fact that, by the grace of God, we plan to change the mentality about our music. Nevertheless, my team management are currently working on the Lagos version of the concert and we are getting proposals from our clients and it’s likely it comes up in November.
What is your relationship with Charly Boy?
He is my father. I won’t call him my boss. He has been very supportive even before I became Terry G. In those days when I produced songs for Timaya and 2Shot, he used to fly me to his house in Abuja where I used to produce songs for him, and he has always been like a dad to me and he always advised me. So, whenever I go to Abuja, I don’t have any choice than to see him and carry him along in anything I intend doing.
What is new about you?
So many things. Now I have a child; I’m a father. His name is Amaniyi Rex, and with him added to my life he has given me a new life. (Becoming a father) has made me to see the other side of life and it has put me in place, because when you are thinking about tomorrow, you will want to be more responsible. His birth has helped me a lot and even helped me to flow away from the odds of negativity and helped me to compose myself and think of the future.
If your son decides to do your type of music – with all the ‘ginger and swagger’ – will you allow it?
Of course I will! But I’m going to train him to become a footballer first.
Why footballer?
Because I was supposed to be a footballer.
What now happened to the dream?
The same opportunity that you see, it comes and goes. There are lots of talents out there but no resources. God has given us the opportunity; it’s just the platform we can’t find. Those days, some agents showed interest but there was no sponsor. So I believe with my platform and opportunity my son should be able to achieve where I didn’t.
But what if he chooses not to be a footballer?
Then he will do music. Even as he is growing, he will have different ideas.
What would have happened if your son had been a girl?
I don’t want a girl; I really want a Terry G.
Were you in the hospital when your wife gave birth? What was the experience?
I wasn’t in the hospital.
How did you feel the first time you carried him (son)?
I was scared to carry him because I’d never carried a baby in my life. Seriously. With the kind of image and the song I sing, my hairstyle too, children are always scared of me; so, it was interesting to me that I have a male child.
Now that someone has given birth to a child for you, is there any plan of getting married?
Marriage is coming up. When it’s time, I will let people know. But marriage is not something you can rush into just like that.
Where did you meet her?
I met her in the United Kingdom. There was a concert I attended in London; it was my first major performance in London. That was where we met. I met her through a friend and we just started chatting. What actually happened was that she got amazed knowing I was Terry G. She wanted to know about me; but when she saw the other side of me, she got interested and realised the difference between Gabriel and Terry G. Now we are able to transform the relationship to a family and I’m more responsible with her beside me.
Do your other female admirers still come to you despite knowing you have a child and likely to get married soon?
Yes, they still get in touch with me. Even if I marry tomorrow, my female admirers are very understanding; and being the fact that music is business, there is no personal sentiment in that. Even marriage has nothing to do with my music and my fans.
What’s happening in the ‘House of Ginger?’
The House of Ginger is a household name; it is a musical group created by me and personally I deserted the group for a while, though it never fades. It’s just for the entertainment and I think I wasn’t really capable of managing the group. I wasn’t that strong financially; I had a label but no sponsor. So it was quite stressful. I just had to dissolve the group and face other things. I have passion for the House of Ginger, but what is worth doing is worth doing well.
Recently you changed your name from Terry G to Terry Gzus. This created a lot of controversies. Can you tell us what Terry Gzus mean?
There are so many controversies on the name. When I say Terry Gzus, I don’t mean ‘Jesus’. I know the pronunciation sounds like ‘Jesus’ and I personally know it’s going to generate controversy; but it simply means ‘Terry-omo-Jesu’. That’s what it means, and this other one ‘LUSIFA’, I was known for that as well. I knew it causes a lot of controversies as well, but this is what I mean ‘Look-Is-Fa’. But people got me wrong.
What are you trying to portray with this new development?
I’m not changing my style of music; it’s just like the same way I do the production. Basically it is just that I want to spice it up a little, because I find out that I wasn’t accessible because of the image I portray, and most people see me and get scared because of the kind of song I do. I learn from what people say about me that I’m mad, so I decided to make a little adjustment to this and make myself accessible to people, so that they will have it in mind that this is business and I’m acting on the prepared scripts. With time, I will actually add the spices to my videos and the changing of style. When it comes to design of the videos, it has helped me a lot to relate with good people because it attracts people and bring me closer to them. Then I used to believe and feel that people love my songs, but most people don’t really like my person, because of the news they hear about me or the image I portray, but all that is changing now.
Is the misinterpretation of your music the real reason for the changes?
I’m a producer and as a producer, I’m versatile with my work and I’m also allowed to explore music in different ways. As a leader, when you follow the same partner, your followers will get tired of you; and the reason you’ve been interesting is because you spice up the job, and at the end of the day, these are the reasons your followers would love what you do and follow you – when you give them different things. So, I don’t see everybody in the industry as a threat to me; neither do I see myself as being in a competition with anybody. I have my personal style and brand, which I thank God for; and it’s been working for me, and which is not easy for everybody to get. Talking about the likes of 2Face, Dbanj and others, it has to do with uniqueness. I’m very unique with my songs. When you hear my songs, you’ll know this is Terry G . So, I never get intimidated or in competition with anybody because I know people like my songs.
What are the challenges you have overcome to still be relevant in the industry?
Like I said earlier, my image is quite threatening to a lot of my colleagues and some brands as well; but over time, I’ve been able to change things. Now, people have access to me. Though it was actually giving me problem then; it was like a challenge to me, because I don’t do brand events which will have to do with the agencies, and the agencies do not want you due to their image. But over time, I was able to conquer that and I am having personal and direct relationships with brands. They actually realised it was not my fault, because all I do is music.
People believe that Nigerian music is more of beats than the content. You are a musician and a producer; do you agree with that?
Yes, it’s like that all over the world. Even God says when you pray and he doesn’t listen, sing. He values songs more than the contents. The song actually attracts your attention before you give it the lyrics.
In the past, you were in the news for negative reasons; but now you seem to have calmed down. What’s responsible for such change?
Sometimes you see life changing constantly and sometimes you see it in a different way. I just saw so much value in my life and the future. When I say my future, it has to do with my kid, as you know. So, I started changing a lot of things and it actually scared a lot of negative influences from me. It helped me scare them away. It helped me resolve and also re-arrange myself.
What are you working on presently?
We are working on a European tour, also an American tour. I don’t really travel out; I believe in staying in Nigeria because I still have a lot to do. So, I think it’s better for staying in my home in Nigeria to do my things than going out there. But the tour will soon commence.