Friday, 24 October 2014

Nigerian Senate Passed cyber crime bill, Cyber Fraudsters To Bag 7 Years Imprisonment

Following incessant online crimes in Nigeria, the Senate yesterday passed the Cyber Crime bill which stipulates a seven-year jail term for anyone found guilty of cyber crimes or internet fraud.

The bill titled “A Bill for an Act to Provide for the Prohibition, Prevention, Detection, Response, Investigation and Prosecution of Cybercrimes, seeks to punish interception of data, system interference and misuse of devices.

The bill was passed after a clause by clause consideration of the report by the joint committee on Judiciary, Human Rights and Legal Matters and Drugs, Narcotics and Financial Crime.

LEADERSHIP Friday recalls that last year, the Central Bank of Nigeria reported that the Nigerian banking sector lost over N20 billion through internet fraud and cyber crimes.

The cyber crimes bill, if assented to by the president, also seeks to punish all kinds of computer-related fraud, computer-related forgery, offences relating to pornography, cyber-stalking and cyber-squatting.

The proposed legislation also proposes a three-year jail term or N2 million fine for anyone who knows that a crime has been committed in his premises or cyber cafe and fails to report to relevant authorities within seven days.

It also stipulates a three year jail term or a fine of N1 million for anyone who perpetrates electronic fraud through a cybercafe. In cases where the owners of the cafe are in the know of the cybercrime, such owners shall be liable to a fine of N2 million or three years jail term.(LEADERSHIP)


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