Thursday, 8 August 2013


Sometimes we are quick to call people friend, not knowing the weight the word “FRIEND” carries. So here are my ideas on who a friend is and is Not.
 * A friend is someone who shares in your pain with a genuine mind, not masking up in pretence.
* A friend is someone who is happy seeing you succeed and not a selfish fellow, whose joy is seeing you doing badly and only happy giving you peanut to meet up with daily demands of life, gush!! They really suck when it comes to “acting nice”.
* A friend is someone who gets your back even in your absense, they strive at all time to protect your personality and character, but a foe in friends skin? They suck! They talk well about you in your presense, but behind you? They condemn you much more they will condemn a convicted high profile criminal. These are people I refer to as friend only on-sight. They are your friend only when you are present.
* A friend is someone that show great support for your course, not the one who sees every step you take as a competition with him/her.
* A friend is someone who opens up to you on your short-comings and not the ones who hide his/her views about your short comings, only to bring it up at a gathering behind your back.
* A friend is someones who sees your calm and sincere suggestion as a show of love, not the one who is never ready to take your positive suggestion.
 * A friend is someone who accepts their wrongs, and take responsibilities for their wrong doings, not those with excessive ego, never willing to admit faults.
* A friend is someone that loves you for who you are and not what you have.
* A friend is someone you are both comfortable sharing your deepest thoughts with. In conclusion, a friend is someone that helps you to grow, never too busy or too big to listen to you, they are people who no matter their level of achievement still happily cherish the moments you both have shared and are always there as friend, come rain and sunshine!

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