Friday, 23 August 2013


With everyday gone by as a Citizen of Nigeria, I just keep realizing that not much as changed since I was a child except for the fact that things have gone from grace to grass, rather than get on the fast lane of progress. Growing up,we were told beautiful stories about a country called Nigeria, a Land so blessed by God with all  the needed Mineral and natural resources,with large crude oil deposit to the south,Pyramids of groundnut and large heads of cattle to the North, Cocoa to the West and large deposit of coal to the East,Rubber and oil palm to the South among other numerous natural resources in addition to the fertile lands in all part of the country capable of supporting any form of crop,be it cash crop or food crop.
 As a child growing up I was told about the rich cultures and beautiful festivals and carnivals, i was told about beautiful spots such as the Obudu cattle ranch,the freedom park to mention but few. but how has these tourist destination affected us? not much if i must confess, reason that the set of people we have had as leaders have short sight and little will power for change, they are only good on paper not in the practical aspect of turning around a venture into a world Class brand.

Growing up as a child I was made to understand that the British pounds and the Naira were not too distant in value, but now as wide as you can imagine, why? because people have failed their Country, they only have all the Harvard, Cambridge,Oxford,Yale and all kinds of degrees from the Worlds Prestigious Universities, but they have failed to create African solutions to solve Africa's Problems, rather they are too carried away with Theories and thesis  that they fail to see the reality of the day, leaving me wondering when will the sun shine upon the lands of Nigeria, When will poverty be reduced to its barest minimum, when will corruption of high profile in Shameless instance be a "dried up", when will our Academic and tertiary institutions be ranked well in the world? when will the incessant strikes in our public sector stop? when will our corrupt politicians stop fooling us? for half a century of independence no meaningful development in terms of standard of living? feeding and shelter is now a very big task, with very few enjoying the "benefits" and the larger population made to live on a meaningless one dollar in a day or better still below a dollar! NIGERIA WE HAIL THEE!

The Major news that gets the headlines in my Country is not that of Great Invention or Discovery, but rather that of Election and "Ghana must go" politicians with their fake promises and lies, they have so much go shameless with their continued washing of "their dirty linens in public" settling issues with stones and stick, carrying constitution mas to fight themselves tooth and nail in public glare!

And not only that some have stoop so low as to ra>>ping minors When Honourable men becomes not-honourable-LGA Boss Ra»pe Wife Sister ;and until the sun shines again upon our lands in eradicating poverty and drying up corrupting, I choose to keep my fingers crossed and Hope for a better Nigeria, One we all will be proud of, one in which we can have reasons to celebrate our citizenship, because as of now the only benefits we get from our government at birth is just the birth certificates that in reality does not come with any social or health care benefits to mention but few.NIGERIA WE HAIL THEE........SLEEPING GIANT OF AFRICA I HOPE YOU WAKE UP SOON FROM YOUR SLUMBER BEFORE IT WILL BE TOO LATE!

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