Friday, 2 August 2013


Recently I had fever and I must confess health is wealth! We are sometimes too used to sound body that we think our body is some kind of super-man, failing to take care of it to the fullest. But its never so, this body of ours is meant to serve us, but for it to serve us well into good health at all times, we need to also carry out our own duties to it, in a diligent and wise healthy practice.
 So fever like any other ailment causes a lot of pain, weakness and discomfort to the body. Though studies have shown that fever actually is not a disease but a resultant factor of bacteria infection in which the hypothalamus part of the brain now increase the body temperature to fight this occurrence. Fever is also a body's natural way of fighting infections or harmful body changes.
 Common signs and symptoms of fever are •high body temperature usually above normal. When a child's body temperature is above 100.4 F, then it is important you see a doctor. And for the adult experiencing an increase above 100.7 F should also see a doctor, as the normal body temperature in farrenhite is 98.6 F • Weak body joints as a result of damaged body tissues. • There may be cases of sore throat •fever also causes lethargy, fuzziness, poor appetite. • cough, ear pain, and diarrhea.

 •Bacteria infections •Colds and gastroenteritis •Infection of ear, skin or bladder •reaction to adverse effect of vaccines.

COMMON TREATMENT. Use of antibiotics to fight infections such as sore throat. • Use of anti-inflammatory drugs like Ibuprofen and acetaminophen. •Bathing with warm water to reduce the high body temperature, as a form of first aid treatment. •Covering with a cloth to control effect of cold. WARNING! Do not bath with cold water under high body temperature of fever. Or spray the body with alcohol, but if symptoms persist after 3 days, please see your doctor.

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