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Hand skin care is very important if we want to avoid old and wrinkled hands before old age.
We often expose our hands and shake others all the time, and it can create a good impression if they are well looked after. For hand skin care, we could go to a beauty salon or spa and leave the professionals to take good care of our hands with a specialised hand care treatment. But if we don’t have the money or the time to go to a beauty salon, then taking care of our hands at home is really easy.
Apart from wearing sunscreen on your face and neck, apply it also on your hands to protect them from sunspots and wrinkles. Use a good hand moisturiser daily and every time you feel your skin is dry and tight. It is also very effective to bathe them in natural products at least three times a week to keep your hands soft and moisturised.

Hand Skin Care Recipes
1- How to get soft hands with Cocoa cream
You will need two spoons of cocoa cream, two spoons of almond oil and a liquidised cucumber. Melt the cocoa cream and add the almond oil and the cucumber. Mix well, all the ingredients and use it as a hand care cream, applying it with a massage. Add more almond oil to the mixture, and bathe your hands in it for five minutes to intensify the effect.

2- Olive oil hand care
Rub your hands with warm olive oil, leave it on for about five minutes and rinse off with warm water and natural soap. For an intensive hand care treatment, leave it overnight, but wear some cotton gloves.

3- Hand skin care with milk
You will need a glass of milk and lemon juice. Warm the milk and add the lemon juice. Mix well and leave your hands in this mixture for about ten minutes. Avoid if you have any cuts or wounds in your hands.

4- Oats hand mask
You will need a glass of water, one spoon of oats flour, olive oil and glycerin. Mix all the ingredients until completely mixed. Apply the resulting paste over the hands with a massage. Leave it on for 25 minutes and rinse off with warm water and natural soap. This oats hand mask will regenerate the hands and get rid of any hand redness.

5- Hand honey mask
You will need one potato, two spoons of milk and two spoons of honey. Peel and boil the potato. Mash the potato and mix it with the honey and milk. Apply this mixture to the hands with a massage and leave it on for about 15 minutes. Rinse off with warm water and natural soap. This hand skin care recipe will nourish and rejuvenate the hands.

Lips and Lip pencils
Lip pencils are sometimes called lip liners because they are often used to outline the lips. This outline helps create more symmetrical-looking lips and prevents lipstick from migrating into the skin surrounding the mouth. Lip pencils can also be used to colour the entire lips; they offer precision and are generally longer-lasting than lipstick.

All about lipstick
Lipstick usually comes in stick form – hence its name. It also comes in pots and in compartmentalised compacts, both of which are applied with a small lipstick brush. You can find lipstick in sheer, almost gloss-like finishes; matte finishes, which are flat, opaque, and not a bit shiny; regular finishes that are somewhat moist and dewy; and shimmer or luster finishes, which are slightly pearlescent. There are long wearing lipsticks available – these stay on for four hours or more, but they can be terribly drying.
If you dislike the dry finish and unnatural peachy cast of long-wearing lipsticks, you may want to try makeup sealant. A kind of cosmetic shellac, sealants come packaged in tubes or small bottles and can be brushed over any type of lipstick to make it longer wearing.

Lip gloss
As a teenager, lipstick seemed so obvious, so fake, so old-fashioned that they were avoided. Looking back, young girls opted for more natural-looking lip gloss.
Today, most ladies wear gloss slicked over lip pencil or dotted on the centre of a lipsticked lip to create a subtle shine. Lip gloss comes in pots, tubes, sticks, and wands with spongetip applicators.
The colours are usually transparent and very subtle, but there are some highly pigmented versions available that give lips a wet, shiny finish.

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