Saturday, 27 July 2013


Below are some useful reminder that we may have forgotten or become less conscious of, which are common daily harmful practice been engage in, but all the same these points outlined below are worth researching on should in case you may have doubts about its authentic nature • Over washing your face: over washing or scrubbing the skin can be very harmful to the skin and general health,due to the fact that this practice is capable of striping the skin of oil and actually cause breakouts or more oil production. Use a gentle cleaner twice a day to remove oil and dirt rather than over scrubbing or washing the skin. • Excess application of perfume: When perfume are applied to the body in excess, It be very annoying to everyone around you, as well as yourself. " Also excessive use of perfume sometimes can be harmful to skin allergic to fragrances which are not uncommon and can result in a red itchy rash. So is better avoided if your skin is sensitive to certain fragrance. experimenting until you find one you're not allergic to. • Plucking your nose hair can be very harmful. If at any time you feel irritated by long hair nose and you are tempted to trim or pluck those nose whiskers, you might want to note the dangers associated with this act. As this can expose hair follicles to bacteria, which can cause infection. And at the same time nose hair helps to prevent breathing in more dust or particles, which can result in sickness. • Wrongful Shaving . When shaving body hair,it's important to be careful,so the process doesn't result in body harm. Use warm or hot water to help hydrate and soften hairs before shaving, making them easier to cut. Apply a shave gel to make hair more soft to shave and be careful in making sure the blade do slide over skin smoothly, preventing nicks. Use single strokes in the direction of hair growth, though this may not provide very smooth feeling,but will reduce the irritation and razor bumps that shaving against hair growth can cause.

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