Friday, 21 June 2013

JAMB reduction in cut off mark –Promoting failure in the already failed Educational system.(OPINION)

 All over the World, Governments and Institutions of higher learning strive daily to strengthen their Educational system to break new frontiers in research and discovery on a yearly basis. This well structured Western Educational Institutes in the World spends a better part of their resources in Research and Training. This Research and training has so much yielded many positive Results that will all now crave to have these things. These are success story in Research and training is evidence in the advanced Technologies of gadgets, improved health care delivery system, Amazing scientific discoveries.

            This progress doesn't just come like that, They are earned and worked for through the collective investment in developing and educating the mind.

Coming back to Nigeria the case is different; we encourage Mediocrity than purposeful and effective ways of dealing with the systems that operate here.
Over a Million students sat for the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) few months back, which of course recorded massive failures, with students having to take to the streets to protest the outcome of the result.
Our Educational system may not be the best, but are the students still studying the way they should?
With the use of popular social network such as 2go, watsapp, Blackberry chat and a whole lot of others, it as really become so difficult for larger percentage of the student population to face their studies seriously, Instead students are always seeking ways to cut corners and sourced for leaked Question papers prior to Examination dates, Can a system such as this promote or Uplift our educational system? Where larger population of students now lack the commitment to studying hard to pass.

The pronouncement by the Education Minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in reducing the JAMB cut off mark is a way of indirectly accepting that the Educational system is but a failure! And in my opinion the pronouncement is capable of promoting the popular believe in student that NA WHO NO HIM WAY NO BOOK, Meaning that Most students are just going to be lazy more with their studies, as there is little reason for them to study harder, knowing that the stake is low at 180 for University and 150 for Colleges and Polytechnics.
Reducing JAMB cut off mark is a way of promoting Failure which in turn reduces the merit of our certificates outside the shores of our country.


·       * Reduced fees in our tertiary institution and cost of writing various entry Exams and having not to pay bribe to lecturers to get into schools

·      Government should set up more facilities to accommodate more students in Our Institution of Higher learning.
·          Setting up more Institution of higher learning.

·         Increased Knowledge, through Quality lecturers and not the regular Note giving lecturers with little commitment to impacting students with the needed knowledge to meet up with the ever competitive market out there.

Lets stop jubilation about the reduction in cut off mark, because even as at that, our system do not really have the capacity to absorb more students, its just a wasteful effort of spending more money writing post UME, Let the government give us more Schools and facilities and not leaving us with the mindset that we are failures they are willing to cope with and not make amends where needed.

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