Friday, 21 June 2013

Big Brother Africa show-misrepresentation of Africa (OPINION)

What more can a Continent like Africa ask for? A Continent richly blessed with abundance of natural resources, It still does not make any sense to see poverty flourished in every facet of Africa, with only few of the government guys living a life of splendor!! Leaving the larger popullation of its citizens wallowing in lack, called poverty! Nigeria and indeed Africa is blessed, but it all seems as if the generality of us have completely lost our priorities and are so busy copying the Western World, that it seems as if we have forgotten the problems and challenges facing Africa!! My grievances is not just with the government who is insensitive to the needs of its citizens, or maybe lacks solutions that Africa needs. Or, is it our Country men and women who supports concepts that lacks the ability of taking Africa to greater hight? Or is able to take it out of its current predicaments of wide spread poverty? At this point, permit me to ask, what is the essence of much publicized BIG BROTHER AFRICA? What positive values to Africa does this show aim to promote? Is it about displaying to the World failed single mothers and Ladies with failed lives of negative values coming on screen to display their Lust? Whose level of moral when put to Lithmus test is ZERO! Is this show only aim at promoting girls with abortion stories and s*x? Or does it want to rebrand Adult scenes as seen in movies? Is this show aim at telling the whole World that African Ladies have lost their moral values in its complete sense? Why can't Africa make a good representation to the world? Why can't Industry expert promote something that will discuss the problems and struggles of Africa, and how we can reach for change!! Not some kind of shows that glorify's negative values as a way to breakthrough in life.

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