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ABOUT CHARLES B of inspiration FM 92.3 sharing life issues

Charles B

Charles bruceBorn Charles Bruce Chukuma (popularly refer to as Charles B or Chaz B.)
Is a Nigerian from oil rich Delta state, He attended the prestigious kings college in Lagos Island of Nigeria before moving on to
North Tech Education Center, West Palm Beach, Florida in the United States for further studies.
Charles  Bruce is a Nigerian radio personality. with more spiritual connectivity in interacting with his radio listeners, he is some one who uses his own challenges in life to encourage others, on topics ranging from Health,Relationship, Marriage, Religion and other general issues of life. Speaks  both verbal and written French with English language.

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Aside a radio presenter, Charles B is involved in  marketing and franchising of  fast food outlets.

He is indeed a professional with the extra touch in radio presenting as far as Nigerians are concerned. He anchors a popular radio program on Inspiration FM, Called sharing life issues with Charles B. he has since been a blessing to so many people who have taken advantage of his radio program to share issues of their heart and getting sound and biblical advice.

Charles B is a listeners delight.

Excerpt from an interview granted by charles Bruce chukwuma on digicastmagazine

Charles bruce, Chaz b

Radio has to do with humanity – Chaz B

Charles bruce, chaz bIf you are in the Lagos area and you tune to 92.3 FM, you most likely would have heard the voice of Charles B, or if you like, Chaz B as he is known on air. The assistant head of programmes and one of the top On-Air-Personalities at 92.3 Inspiration FM, reveals to Betty Egbuna a whole lot about himself that you may not have known.
Listening to Chaz B during our conversation was like listening to a clergyman, a man of strong moral conviction and religious beliefs. And you begin to wonder if he is an ordained priest and if he is, what is he doing in broadcasting? That is not to say that the clergy cannot be broadcasters. Of course there have been, and perhaps there still are, some radio presenters who are ordained priests but invariably they present religious programmes.
Chaz B’s programmes are not the typical religious programmes but he manages often to weave the moral, if not religious, perspective into his radio shows that leaves the listener in no doubt about his moral persuasion. He has a good reason for that. “I believe that radio really has a lot to do with humanity,” he says. “What is the point of being on the airwaves and not being able to make a difference in people’s lives? I cannot quite equate the two. If I had a choice of being on air and not making any difference in people’s lives, I would rather not have this job.”
Now, if you wonder why he feels so strongly about making “a difference in people’s lives” through his radio programmes, he tell you: “Everything is God’s making. Jehovah is more than my partner; I include Him in everything I do. He makes the majority of the decisions and He has 51 per cent of my life, I only own 49 per cent.”
Yet, it is interesting to know that Chaz B found himself in broadcasting not by design; he stumbled on broadcasting, or better still, he was persuaded into it by a lady who had herself made a name on television. “I studied travel and tourism management, hotel/restaurant management, abroad. But on coming back to Nigeria, after 26 years in America, I found that the tourism industry was doing nothing. While I was in Abuja, I ran into Chris Anyanwu, who is now a Senator, and she said to me: ‘You have the flair, you should be in broadcasting.’ I said, ‘Shoo, this woman, flair?’ She said, ‘Yes, you belong on television.’ I laughed and I said, ‘No, no, I don’t think so.’ But she insisted. ‘Just trust me, you belong on television.

“She kept pushing and wouldn’t give up until I accepted to go and do an audition. And that was how I ended up at TSM TV, which Chris Anyanwu used to do on NTA. So I started really on television. While we were doing TSM TV she got a radio licence and we proceeded to start Hot FM 98.3, Abuja. That was where my radio career started in 2004. Broadcasting for me was, as you can see, was by accident. I was on TV and we drifted from TV to radio when Chris Anyanwu got a licence for radio and requested that I come along. Of course as we focused on getting the radio started, less attention was given to TV, and now for her, TV is something of the past. She is no longer into television right now. So I just walked the natural flow working for her.”
Black side of the Bruce family
Chaz B may not have set out initially to be a broadcaster but he has his roots in a family that has made a name in the entertainment industry – the Bruce family. If you have been wondering what the “B” in his name stands for it is Bruce. His surname, he admits, is Bruce; Chaz Bruce. “My full name is Charles Bruce. Chaz B is from the Niger Delta; from the Bruce family, the black side of the Bruce family. Ben (Bruce) is my cousin, we all grew up together. We are an entertainment family. I have over time found myself where I started from - entertainment - and coming full circle.”
The Bruce family operates radio and television stations – Rhythm FM radio and Silverbird Television – and one would have thought that being a Bruce, Chaz B would be working in any of these stations. “That’s true,” Chaz B agrees, but he quickly explains that “The way life is, sometimes you do not just always fall where family is.
At times there is a necessity especially when God is at work in your life. And you can notice the style I have is quite different from their style. It is very unusual, so I want to thank my radio station, 92.3 Inspiration FM because it is very unusual to have a place where you can call home. And home is where I am able to merge my job and my work, which is my ministry, together and getting paid for my passion. What better way to get paid good money for something you love to do. Isn’t that what we all dream about?”
Indeed. And it should go without saying that he is enjoying the job? “Absolutely, I enjoy my job absolutely,” he responds excitedly and without any hesitation.

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